(keitai-l) Re: SoftBank X01HT

From: Kyle Barrow <kyle_at_pukupi.com>
Date: 12/14/06
Message-Id: <73ADA52D-2207-4E32-A23E-952A513D41F0@pukupi.com>
Softbank's data access user name, password changed  from ai@vodafone,  
vodafone to the unimaginative ai@softbank, softbank so I imagine the  
same will be going on for other access/proxy settings to completely  
rid themselves of the accursed vodafone name.


On Dec 13, 2006, at 22:25, Nick May wrote:

> So what happened.... ?
> I am curious as to the insight that SoftBank's behaviour regarding
> this phone might give as to its general future policies...
> Nick
> On 30 Nov 2006, at 08:55, Andrew Hamilton wrote:
>> I am planning to install the upgrade today and report back my
>> findings -- suspect as someone mentioned, it will just be a
>> different password/username for the access point.
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