(keitai-l) Re: Japan's KDDI to provide cellphone service in U.S

From: Brian Topping <topping_at_orb.org>
Date: 04/10/07
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1250 minutes + free EVDO data (phone or bluetooth) + free roaming +  
free mobile to mobile + nights/weekends starting 7pm for $50.  $5  
extra gets 300 text messages a month.


On Apr 9, 2007, at 11:54 PM, Joe Bowbeer wrote:

> On 4/9/07, Tim Smith <tim@freeverse.jp> wrote:
>> Oh - one of the best ones is this - most people don't know that when
>> they use WAP services they are also getting charged against their  
>> voice
>> minutes!!
> Sprint customers can add unlimited web browsing for $10 to $20 per
> month.  The higher end of the range includes additional features such
> as picture mail.
> I pay $10/month and use Google Maps, Mobilcast (podcast client from
> Melodeo), and GMail regularly, in addition to the browser.  Without
> eating up voice minutes.
> ( We're here to discuss the Japanese mobile phenomenon, and, besides,
> accurate information concerning US data plans is readily available on
> the web, but every now and then I feel compelled to set the record
> straight :-)
> --Joe
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