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From: Tim Smith <tim_at_freeverse.jp>
Date: 04/10/08
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Haha! That type of 'payment system' is very popular in Japan. You'd be
surprised but the success rate is more than 35%! This is how many deai
and unofficial site grauvere companies collect. Since it cost alot to
set up legitimate payment gateways - and many are denied by the cc or
netcash companies. Obviously they are powerless to actually collect -
but in the case of many Japanese, they have a high degree of collection.

This is definitely unique in the mobile world. Where else can you simply
make a demand for payment and expect any kind of return? Gotta love it.

Paul wrote:
>    I don't know about the Nokias.... but my old Kyocera handset has
>  a very advanced Japanese text -> Speech mechanism with
> multiple voices speeds and it works great.
>    If you right phonetic English in Japanese, it works with
> that too and its great.
>      I checked out the voices on that site.... They are actually WORSE than
> my 3 year old Japanese phones, but with funky graphics of scary
> looking people from different countries.
>     But from a coding standpoint, the software on a first try seems pretty stable and
> coded well.  Its also easy to use.... Just commenting on the voices.  They
> could have done that part a lot better, and the pictures could have been less
> scary looking people.
> Nick May wrote:
>> I recently got a Japanese message on my keitai address (scroll down
>> for the google translate version)
>> It is clearly a con - no such service is in use, no such court papers
>> exist, it is just a weak attempt to extort money. They are fairly
>> common I assume.
>> Naturally, I shall play along with it out of curiosity and for the
>> entertainment value.
>> It would be fun to see how far they will go....
>> Any thoughts from Japan resident keitai-l'ers as to how most
>> effectively to string them along, safely.... ?
>> BTW - while I have flesh to plastic, a general link of use to anyone
>> doing research on the Japanese net with less than perfect kanji
>> skills, but ok listening.
>> This will read Japanese text to you with pretty good intonation.
>> http://free-translator.imtranslator.net/speech.asp
>> come to think of it - how good is the JP text to speech available on
>> various Nokia handsets?
>> Nick
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