(keitai-l) Mobile testbed beta

From: Kyle Barrow <kyle_at_pukupi.com>
Date: 04/21/08
Message-Id: <B29A2B7B-2B5F-4264-AD88-7C8DC9E2D220@pukupi.com>
As many of you are probably aware, the W3C recently released a web  
compatibility test for mobile browsers:

The tests do a good job at showing how crappy most mobile browsers are  
but as with the WaSP ACID tests, only indicate a standards failure and  
don't easily identify the specific web standard element the browser  
failed: they show mobile web developers how much potential sleep they  
will lose without helping them identify the elements to avoid/ 

For this reason, I've restarted a mobile testbed project that I've had  
on back burner for ages and would appreciate feedback from fellow  
keitai-l users.

Currently it's a very early beta whipped up late last night with the  

1. Environment tests
Tests CSS support via external links, style, and inline style  
properties with text/html and application/xhtml+xml mime types. The  
idea is to get the base CSS support for the mobile web browser that  
will be used for all subsequent tests: if a browser only supports  
inline style (I'm looking at you Docomo), then all subsequent CSS  
tests will use inline styles.
- All tests are served up as XHTML Basic 1.1 with the exception of the  
inline style tests that are not XHTML Basic compliant and use XHTML  
Mobile 1.2 instead.
- Many older 2G mobile will vomit all over application/xhtml+xml mime  
types but since these browsers have no CSS support, they are not a  
target for this testbed.

2. CSS test
Just one CSS test as a placeholder to show the testing methodology.

Apart from general feedback, what I'd appreciate from keitai-l users  
is the elements tests they would like to see keeping in mind that %  
testbed completion goes down with testbed length.

Once a reasonable testbed is in place, the goal would be to hook a  
desktop web page into it where developers can view and download test  
results for all mobiles tested.

The testbed can be accessed from here:


I'll be at MoMo Tokyo tonight if you would like discuss the testbed in  


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