(keitai-l) eMobile users?

From: Shannon Jacobs <shannon.jacobs_at_gmail.com>
Date: 06/17/08
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Interesting that I can indirectly communicate to the mail list via
Gmail, but not via the actual German website of this email address.
Anyway, may I repeat and extend my question of a few weeks ago?

At this point (in tonight's dramatic episode?) I have signed up with
eMobile, and as noted, I'm basically locked in for two years. The USB
egg-like network adapter is mostly working very well, though I had to
overcome a number of configuration issues (with basically no help from
eMobile). Main issue remaining for the egg is how to make it work with
Ubuntu. I've tried both the Gnome PPP approach and the command line
approach with pppconfig, pon, and poff (under sudo), but no joy. My
Linux machines have to connect via Windows, either with ICS over the
network or from VMware. I don't think I've ever seen 7.2 MB, but I
just benched a 3.9, which is plenty for my needs (after years with 1.5
MB ADSL). Reliability seems adequate, so far, but I feel like knocking
on wood there...

I guess that was the kitchen, and now the scene shifts to the living
room? My current #1 issue is with syncing data with the H11T phone.
All the software seems to be installed properly, and it seems to
connect okay, but I can't find the data anywhere... At one point I
thought it was only going to sync with Outlook [makes the sign of the
cross to ward off evil], but even after digging up such a cursed
computer, nothing happened. At least I can't find any data on the PC
side. Guidance or suggestions? Tips where to look  for more struggles
with the manual? Something weird? Like syncing it to Gmail or Yahoo?
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