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From: Andrew Shuttleworth <andrew_at_cvp.jp>
Date: 06/24/08
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It does seem to be the expectation in the tech community that DoCoMo will  also offer the iPhone sooner or later. I'd heard rumors of an announcement and also that it would come with the next update release from Apple.

I'm sure DoCoMo don't want to lose the battle here and Apple don't necessarily have any particular loyalty to Softbank so it would make sense. 
Switching to Softbank's network has been a concern for me too. On the other hand, DoCoMo's pricing may be good if you are mainly phoning friends and family, but I think I could save quite a bit with the white plan. (I've been with DoCoMo around 9 years).

If DoCoMo has signed a deal you can bet they at least want to make the announcement before June 11. I don't know the shop business, but if they are telling shop staff then you'd think it would be very close.

All very interesting :-) Thanks for the rumor.

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Not sure if this is the place to post rumors, but my wife's sister  
works at a DoCoMo shop.

She was informed today by management that DoCoMo signed with Apple to  
provide the iPhone. Her initial impression was that it would be  
offered in the fall before the Christmas rush. BUT also felt there  
was too much secrecy and that perhaps DoCoMo is fighting to offer it  
on or near the July release as well.

DoCoMo and J-Fone/Vodafone/Softbank run on the same 3G frequencies.  
So no handset modification is necessary.

For what it's worth, the DoCoMo family plan is as good as the  
softbank White Plan. Free mail and calls to family members, etc...  
Being a DoCoMo user for nearly 10 years now, their customer loyalty  
discounts have really added up over the years making it very painful  
to switch carriers.

Living in rural Japan (or simply taking a drive out of your  
prefecture on the expressways) will reveal that DoCoMo has a MUCH  
lager network footprint as well.

Anyway else hear anything about iPhone and DoCoMo?
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