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From: Klaus Schulz <klaus_at_schulz.com>
Date: 03/05/01
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Yes, She can buy one on a Tourist Visa.
I bought some Phones from a TU-KA store in Shibuya for $39.- each.
You can buy the "pretty service"  (prepaid cards) for $25.-or $50.-  and
refill later from most any convenience store.
Call 045-683-5811 for more info.

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Greetings!  A friend of mine is in Tokyo for two weeks and it
would be nice to get her a mobile.  Any ideas on what would be
the cheapest phone to get for a single month?  I spent an
hour yesterday poring over Docomo, DDI and J-Phone's propaganda
but adding up all the hidden charges seems to be a fairly
daunting exercise...  it appears I would be able to get a
H" PHS for Y1 (phone) + ~Y2700 (monthly fee) + Y0 (startup charge
waived during the current campaign), is this really the cheapest
there is?  Docomo's "Prepaid" phones would be nice if the phones
themselves weren't so expensive (Y5000+).

Any hints would be much appreciated.  And yes, I will obviously
be getting the phone in my own name, as she can't buy one on
a tourist visa...

Jani PATOKALLIO / jpatokal@iki.fi / +81 90 7722 3557
Sanpo Laboratory, Mechano-Informatics Dept., University of Tokyo
ヤニ・パトカリオ / jani@sanpo.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp / 090 7722 3557

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