(keitai-l) Re: DoCoMo portal?

From: Daniel Scuka <daniel_at_japaninc.net>
Date: 04/11/00
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To Ren's comments I'd add that they've told me they're extremely sensitive
to any kind of potential negative publicity; therefore the prohibition
against community-type services (chat, meeting, etc.)


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None whatsoever. Well that's not true, actually. You just need more pull
him than he has over you. Think: are you so big/important the NTT DoCoMo
MUST have you on their I-Menu? Is I-Mode just a complete failure without

Keep in mind, however, according to Natsuno I-Mode already has "every kind
contents you'd ever need" (a direct quote) so convincing him to get on the
I-Menu is harder than ever -- they already have tons of content and almost 6
million users.

r e n

Dave wrote:

> > There is one and only one criteria for getting an official site on the
> > I-Mode gateway (on the I-Menu as they say):
> > You must convince Natsuno, head of Gateway Business at NTT DoCoMo.
> I'd very much like to talk to Mr. Natsuno, and I have the contact
> information you posted before, but is there any serious chance at all that
> he is going to be negotiated out of the officially stated rules, such as
> search engines, communities, or links to other sites"?
> Dave

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