(keitai-l) Re: questions about mobile commerce in japan

From: a.goh <youme_at_best.com>
Date: 05/03/00
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Didn't see the topic in the list archive, but here's the link to the survey
ICR (anNTT affiliate) released on April 11. The survey covers i-mode users
only (6,960 of them), but should answer some of your questions.

It's in Japanese. Can someone working during GW translate? :-)



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Subject: (keitai-l) questions about mobile commerce in japan

>Dear list,
>I am looking for some numbers and reports and resources on
>mobile commerce in Japan. For example: what kind of
>internet/mail services people like to use on their keitai
>(i-mode, j-phone, cdmaone...) and what kind of people
>especially use mobile phones in Japan.
>Young/older people? Girls, boys? Students, professionals?
>Also, is there any list of most popular sites/services at the
>different phone platforms? How many people already shop on
>their phone and if they shop, what do they buy?
>And for what type of service people use their phones the most?
>Calling? E-Mail? Web? Chat? How many are people willing to
>pay for information and/or services on their phones?
>Any hints and resources would be greatly appreciated!
>Andrea Hoffmann
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