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From: Renfield Kuroda <Renfield.Kuroda_at_msdw.com>
Date: 06/06/00
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For a time, DoCoMo was limiting I-Mode upgrades (from non I-Mode phones to
I-Mode phones) to ease the impact of massive numbers of users on their
network. The restriction has now been lifted. I wonder if that's what you

I still think it's best to get a cellphone directly from the stores associated
with the carrier as you'll get better warranty/service and can keep your phone
number when you upgrade -- not an option at all cellphone shops.

r e n

"Jonathan W. Anderson" wrote:

> I wonder if this has just happened to me?
> It wasn't for an NM502i, but for a new N502i.  I had just bought
> a N208 and wanted to exchange it for a N502i at the NTT DoCoMo
> in Kichijoji.  (I had gone in to see if they had any NM502i available)
> However, since I had bought the N208 within the past month, NTT
> DoCoMo wanted to charge me 40,000!  If I had used the phone for
> more than a month, the price would drop to around 15,000.  Needless
> to say, I didn't do this.  And I doubt I will ever visit a DoCoMo shop
> again.
> Jon
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> > Retails about 15,000 but can be gotten for much cheaper (if you
> > can find it).
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