(keitai-l) Re: Another Euro iMode story; accuracy??

From: J. Sean Bennett <sean_at_mail.nnet.ne.jp>
Date: 06/20/00
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From: "Renfield Kuroda" <Renfield.Kuroda@msdw.com>
> But what nobody seems to understand is the that the success of I-Mode
> has NOTHING to do with technical standards; it's the business model that
> was successful, and it's the business model that DoCoMo will export out
> of Japan and it's the business model that is killing the current WAP
> business model.
> I-Mode business model on WAP or 2-way pagers or cHTML...it doesn't
> matter how the bits flow, people want a pricing structure, contents, and
> a settlement system.

I think its clear that the success of iMode has nothing to do with technical
standards. That's not too hard to see, and exactly what the article was
saying: "...Who says the best man wins? Remember VHS vs Betamax...".

The business models of Docomo, DDI, and J-phone are not so different "now" - in
the sence they all offer a pricing structure, contents, and a settlement
system - but as Punnamas highlighted, Docomo was ahead of the pack in
implementing everything from the get-go. WAP in Japan, following iMode business
model, never had the upper hand to begin with.  Taking 11 months to reach 1
million subscribers, but then only another 2 months to reach 2 million (as
packet technologies were introduced and content increased),  I wouldn't say the
WAP business model is being killed by the iMode business model domestically,
though DDI is definitely trying to fill in the holes.  As the business models of
DDI, and J-Ph. reach similar maturities to Docomo's, I think technology and
pricing will up the competition, assuming all others being equal.  (as an aside,
I'm curious how the market domestic market will be divided in 6mths/1yr; Docomo
is targeting 12M users by ...Dec.(?), DDI 5M by next March; J-phone ??, though
with access to Docomo content, better color, and lower pricing... could

Internationally, I think the excitement is regarding the revenue potential of a
successful micro-payments model which iMode demonstrates so well.  Considering
Japan's incredibly high affection for keitais and relatively low acceptance of
PC's, among other social trends,  Japan presented a prime birth market.  Whether
the success of such a business model will realized to the same degree/speed

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