(keitai-l) Re: J-Phone and DDI business models

From: Dave <dmg_at_autotelic.com>
Date: 06/25/00
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Okay, thanks to Andrea and Renfield, I feel like I'm not so out of the loop.
Just to be sure I've got the right breakdown of services, let me just
reorganize everything into a tidy little graph (which I figure could be of
use to others anyways):

Mobile Phone Co.		Internet Service			Format

DoCoMo			I-Mode				cHTML

J-Phone				J-Skyweb			MML

Tuka, IDO, DDI			e-z web, e-z access		WAP

Now, as I understand it, each offers content within their own Intranet. And,
at least I-Mode offers a gateway out to the rest of the Internet as well.
Further questions:

Does anyone have any figures on how many customers each has? I thought I saw
7 million or more for I-mode, 2.2 million for J-Skyweb, and I have no idea
for E-Z Web.

Are IDO, Tuka, and DDI linked by any sort of business alliance, or are they
just linked for Internet services? If you put a site on one, would you be
able to view it on the others as well?

And, last but not least, Renfield said that the J-Skynet model was a "poorly
developed transaction settlement system" compared to I-mode. What is it
lacking? Can they offer billing for subscribed sites with their regular
monthly phone bill as I-mode can?

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