(keitai-l) Java enabled P209iS

From: Andre Pemmelaar <andre_at_soken.mei.co.jp>
Date: 09/07/00
Message-ID: <007c01c018a0$1d627680$9d9fe920@andrepemmelaar>
I was reading through the Keitai-L archives and came across a lot of questions
about when Java enabled phones will be come available, so I thought you would
all be interested to know that the P209iS (Panasonic's
latest i-Mode phone) includes a Java Micro Browser developed internally by
Panasonic. According to the engineers, their micro browser development is
approximately 6 months ahead of Sun's own Micro browser development

In fact, most of the games included with the P209iS are actually running as
Java applets. Unfortunately, the P209iS does not yet allows you to download
applets and run them locally. Which is probably why they haven't bothered to
tell anyone that the functionality is there.

According to the engineers, they are already looking for developers to help
them develop the content (i.e.games, etc). More when I know more...

Received on Thu Sep 7 10:52:08 2000