(keitai-l) Re: Java enabled P209iS

From: Guillaume Desmartin <g.desmartin_at_wstadium.com>
Date: 09/07/00
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Iam working in WStadium. We are developing sports games for mobile devices.
We are very interested in Java development.
If these guys from Panasonic are looking for developers, here we are.
We are working on MIDP, iDEN and all the embedded JAva stufs.
Could give me more info or create the connection ?


Guillaume Desmartin
WStadium SA

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Subject: (keitai-l) Java enabled P209iS

> I was reading through the Keitai-L archives and came across a lot of
> about when Java enabled phones will be come available, so I thought you
> all be interested to know that the P209iS (Panasonic's
> latest i-Mode phone) includes a Java Micro Browser developed internally by
> Panasonic. According to the engineers, their micro browser development is
> approximately 6 months ahead of Sun's own Micro browser development
> (Bragging???Perhaps).

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