(keitai-l) Re: tsutaya ads

From: Stephen Walker <stephen_at_valueclick.ne.jp>
Date: 09/08/00
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At 14:46 00/09/08 +0900, jeffrey funk  wrote:

>    While the click rates will probably go down as someone else pointed out,
>the traffic on I-mode is rising quickly. The I-mode menu probably receives
>between 10 and 20 million views per day.

i-menu is no doubt getting many times more traffic than that. Better ask Ren :)

>If click rates drop to 1.0% which
>would be twice the PC rate according to steve wallace, this would mean that
>an advertiser would pay value click about 26 million yen per day (20 million
>x 0.01 x 130 yen) or 780 million yen per month. Docomo would receive about
>10% of that or 78 million yen per month.

I do not believe any ad network is currently getting 20 million PV/day 
through i-mode.
ValueClick Japan's beta testing of its MobileClick network is currently 
getting up to 1 million PV/day through about 180 katte sites.
The rate card may be around 130 yen/click, but you have to remember ad 
agency commissions usually have to be deducted from the gross figure.

With this kind of katte site-based model, I don't see where DoCoMo, as the 
gateway, enters the ad revenue loop?

>Docomo now receives 225 million yen
>per month for its clearinghouse service (10 million subscribers x 250 yen x
>9%). I may have made a mistake in my math but it looks as though the

I may have missed something earlier on the list, but does this mean the 
average i-mode user is paying 250 yen/month for i-menu (3rd party) pay-for 

>advertising income could start to rival the income from providing a
>clearinghouse service.
>    This is why the rise in traffic to unofficial sites that renfield kuroda
>pointed out earlier is so important. By not providing this service
>themselves, docomo is missing out on potential advertising income.

Why would DoCoMo want to deal with all these katte sites for a cut of their 
ad revenue when they can make money from data packets? Also, even with 
someone in the i-menu like Tsutaya running ads on their site, would DoCoMo 
really try and take a cut of the revenue? I thought they set up D2C with 
Dentsu to offer value-added services to official sites?

>And if
>click rates stay above 1.0% say at the 5% level, docomo could make 290
>million yen per month in advertising. Of course, the reason why the

5%? Seems extremely optimistic in the medium term.

>unofficial sites are in business is that they are making money from
>advertising and perhaps a little from charging for information.

I guess a few katte sites are making are a bit of money from ads at the 
moment, but it would be a tiny percentage of the 20,000 katte sites out 
there already.

More questions than answers...
Have a good weekend

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