(keitai-l) Re: tsutaya ads

From: Jonathan W. Anderson <jon_anderson_at_bmcmedia.com>
Date: 09/08/00
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
> advertisers by the view. A nikkei article a couple of months back claims
> that the advertisers pay DAC 0.33 yen per view or twice the
> current rate for
> regular search engines (plus a fixed fee of one million yen per month).

That Nikkei article is a little deceiving in what is referring to.
Infoseek's imode
site uses text banners, not GIF banners.  In that case, 0.33 yen per page
view is
accurate.  Infoseek's top page text banner starts at 0.20 yen per page and
to 0.15 yen per page depending on the amount of page views you buy.  So that
is around twice the normal rate.

However, for top page (non-text) banners, the fixed cost for one week is
yen.  With (according to Infoseek) over 2,000,000 page views a week, that
out to a 0.75 yen or less per page rate.  Furthermore, this is a for a half
banner (224x33 pixels).  If we start talking about regular banners (468x60),
are placed on the top level category pages, then the starting price per page
is then
4 yen, or a 4,000 yen CPM (cost per thousand).

To return to imode, if an imode site can charge 30% to 200% of standard
rates, the
larger sites (official or unofficial), with good traffic and a specific
target audience,
could be getting some good advertising revenue for placing banners on their
mailing lists or sponsored content. Depending on if the site uses a media
rep or not,
these web sites will probably be getting around 80% to 100% of net revenue
advertiser fees (15%).  For example, with a 1000 yen CPM rate, between 680
800 yen per thousand impressions.


P.S. - Interested parties, Infoseek's rate card can be found (Japanese only)
at http://sales.infoseek.co.jp/ad_index.html
Received on Fri Sep 8 14:20:11 2000