(keitai-l) Re: New sony Clie?

From: dc <dc_at_gamelet.com>
Date: 10/27/00
uh, translated into janglish its much clearer, right?


The color of CLIE which is Palm made of SONY is also the Palm joining
commodity of first SONY, and a strong design of the business color.
Because there was a missed dislike in interest somehow, [it] laughed and)
and the body of the taking the place <(> were made though this design was
comparatively liked.

The pardon though it is thought that there is an unsightliness, too because
[it] starts and such a plastic work was made.
The image changes fairly though the color is merely changed.

Please look at the photograph taken from various angles.

I think that ?? and doing which was able to be seen became possible though
there is a lack by neither the bubble nor the resin's having flowed in some

It takes, is not cut top and bottom of side parts Bali, and is ^ to the
hollow of a tidy front panel that the side curves <(>;

The preceding reservation privilege was encased.
Feeling that you can match the color of the side panel to flip has gone out.

When the person who inclined the neck also said to strange Palm a lot in the
hall, "It was CLIE", I was thoroughly surprised with "??? and this" though
it was i-marron which became the first in (*pacspo*) 2000 halls eye seeing.
Certainly, it is the one that the impression changes fairly only in the
place where the color is lightened.

A variety of "It is Plam compatible machine which National puts out" or
"Make for trial purposes by the certain stand bay maker" having said is ??,
and a secret in the hall. <(> )

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]  Hi All,
]  UK online magazine theregister.com picked up this link :
]  http://www01.u-page.so-net.ne.jp/ya2/unzan/atrie/i-marron.html
]  Sorry to break in on a thread, but can anyone say for sure if
]  it's some kind of Sony?
]  Take care,
]  # begin forwarded article
]  Source: The Register
]  iMac-style Sony PDA debuts on Web
]  We don't read Japanese, so we're not entirely sure what Sony's clear Clié
]  actually is - a next-generation system, a low-end version or merely an
]  internal concept design?
]  Whatever it is, there it is, for all to see on a Japanese Web site, which
]  has posted a series of pictures of the critter.
]  Any of the above suggestions are possible, though we suspect
]  it's a low-end
]  model, designed to take on the likes of Handspring's Visor and
]  Palm's m100.
]  With its translucent turquoise and white two-tone casing - bit
]  early iMac,
]  that - it certainly lacks the serious, corporate feel of the
]  shipping Cliés
]  It also has a youth-friendly flip-cover.
]  That said, it could equally be a design Sony tried and rejected,
]  or simply
]  someone's attempt to give their standard Clié a rather more
]  trendy look and
]  feel. Any ideas, folks?
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