(keitai-l) Re: 19 inch phone screens anyone

From: Srinivas Nimmagadda <nimma_at_svwh.net>
Date: 11/06/00
Message-ID: <3A06E15A.4FD1F796@svwh.net>
Here is a product that could make all of the net available to Jp mobile
users, not just what is hand fed by NTT. It could open the imode market to a
vast number of content and service providers that may not be officially
sanctioned by NTT.

Will a product like this compliment your current mobile model?
Or will it make it obsolete?



"Inviso develops microdisplays and personal
                                   information devices for mobile information

                                   access. Inviso’s microdisplays allow
                                   information to be viewed precisely the way
                                   is displayed on the desktop, while
                                   the ultra-compact form factor required to
                                   make devices truly portable. "

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