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From: Juergen Specht <js_at_anima.de>
Date: 12/12/00
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
> Well, mentally, you are. Especially with all those pictures of girls on
> your website.

Talking to girls is the best market research you can have in Japan.
These group is so important for the success of mobile devices, that's
one of the reasons you see hardly a man on advertisements for Keitai's
(another reason is that they look better).

If I talk to the average american or european business man about
new services for Keitai's I get so phantasyless answer's like
"News!", "Stocks" or most worse "what's the business plan behind
providing ring tones?".

<slightly offtopic>

I was on the Internet World in Makuhari 2 weeks ago and there were
only around 30 (!) booths showing whatever and one service just
discovered the japanese market, because it's so fashionable
and they see so much opportunities here...this service
is called http://www.ezface.com and works like this:

1.) You have to download a 2MB application on your harddisk.
2.) Install the application.
3.) Capture a digital picture of yourself.
4.) Open this picture in the application.
5.) Try out new lipstick colors on your own photo.
6.) Save these new looks.
7.) Buy the lipstick you like online out of this

How much problems with the business plan and the target group
you see here?

I see 7. Even if the application works great, somebody should
listen to an average girl and ask HOW she chooses a Lipstick.
It's first the feeling and consistense on her lips, how she decides
for it and the color is not as important. As long as you can not
simulate this with a computer, I suggest to sell your Ezface.com
shares soon.

</slightly offtopic>

And who is the founder and behind the most valueable english
speaking website about the mobile market and one of the most
informed person's you can meet in Japan?

It's Keitaiqueen Andrea with her http://www.mobilemediajapan.com .

And who was the real usability motor behind Imode?
Another woman.

Taking girls serious can help a lot in having success in
Keitai Business and I take them really serious :)


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