(keitai-l) Re: emoji and choking waps

From: Darlington <darlington_at_europe.com>
Date: 01/16/01
Message-ID: <009d01c07fb7$dd14e250$8b2a7dc2@dismasheen>
From: M. David <davidm1@hotmail.com>
> Perhaps its an overly simple solution- but you could replace the emoji
> graphics, .... Has anyone built a conversion table?

If the output is to be viewed thru iMode, conversion to graphics might be
too heavy. However, I am doing an "iMode to Web" project which performs just
such a conversion. It doesn't use a table, but rather (Perl):

$emo_prx = "<img src=/emoji/";
$emo_sux = ".gif width=15 border=0>";
$page =~ s/(&#63(\d{3})\;?)/$emo_prx$2$emo_sux/g;

which converts &#63879; to <img src=/emoji/879.gif width=15 border=0>

You can see it in the "iMode Previewer" (_NOT_ emulator!) at


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