(keitai-l) CNET article interviews DoCoMo's Enoki Kei-ichi

From: rolf van widenfelt <rolf_at_pizzicato.com>
Date: 02/06/01
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from article:
 "Just as important as the growth in subscribers, I-mode is attracting
developers, e-commerce
  companies and others to provide offerings for the service. Approximately 776
developers write
  applications for I-mode, and 408 different search engines have become I-mode
friendly, he said.
  More than 37,000 sites now provide I-mode content and subscribers churn
through an average 
  of 10 page views per site visit."

with so much attention on the number of i-mode subscribers, it is nice to hear 
about something else, like the number of sites.

BTW, does anyone know the current number of official (DoCoMo sanctioned) sites?

for full CNET article, see:



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