(keitai-l) Re: to emoji or not to emoji

From: Gustaf Rosell <gustaf_at_xpedio.com>
Date: 02/11/01
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At 23:52 2001-02-10, you wrote:
>This is really unimportant. Emoji are something you will use on a phone.
>Just as SMS-users see no contradiction between using qwerty on a PC or STB,
>but a 12char pad on their phone.

See my answer to Nick. Sending email between phones and PCs is what I am 
concerned about.

>From: Gustaf Rosell (earlier post)
> > we [...] succeed in convincing some of the [...] manufacturers to deliver
>early this autumn will support
> > CHTML, XHTML Basic and non-binary WML without WML-script
>Why without wmlscript? Client-side scripting is the single (but very
>substatntial) advantage that current wap implementations can have over
>imode. This is not backward-compatilbility, merely lip-service to it. Some
>more cynical than myself might suspect ulterior motivation...

Well, I do agree generally. The problem is that at least the first 
"euro-mode" phones will have limited memory and processor capacity, 
especially if you compare with Japanese phones. So the design constraints 
for the browser and email client is pretty heavy. It is supposed to be able 
to handle cHTML and XHTML Basic (not very hard) with SSL end-end 
encryption, email, SMS and as much as possible of WML. WML is the 
requirement that is the hardest, since it is built on a different model.

WML text transport support without WML Script and WTLS is the only level 
which have been possible to achieve at this point. OpenWave's new 
superbrowser is said to support everything, including ketchup, but after 
knowing how their things work today and seen some of the specs, it would 
not be an option. But this is not at all decided by us, but rather the 
handset manufacturers in their choice of suppliers. of course with input 
from operators and enabling solutions companies like ours.

In general this is a WAP-NG solution (with some WML backward compatibility 
problems) available already today. Or rathter, in September hopefully...


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