(keitai-l) i-mode phone, a drill down

From: Hubert Hung-Hsien Chang <hubert_at_4w1h.com>
Date: 02/19/01
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Since I am in US and still doing this 'remote guessing', I have some
questions on the i-mode phone. I have 'played' with a few of them in the
States (can't use it, no PHS) but didn't have the chance to ask some
questions about specifics.

I have found no real size online picture so I could only describe what it
looks like and hopefully someone else could answer:

So here are the drill down questions:

* What are the functions of the two buttons pictured as a phone
(a wired phone). One is picked up and the other isn't.
I assume the 'HLD' stands for 'on-hold'. It usually is the
same button for PWR(power.) Since they are very persistent
across the phones, I think one is picked up and the other hang up?

* What is the button 'TEL' for? telephone?

* What is the button pictured as an envelope for? email?
(98% of confidence it is. But I want the 2% goes away.) Sometimes,
it comes with the Chinese character ( which is also Japanese character)
"word" ( I guess it is "write" and also possible) MOJI would be it?
(it sounds like 'word' in Chinese.) But this symoble also show up
in non-i-mode phone, I guess it is for SMS? ( Doccimo P811...etc)

* The button pictured as a 'car'. ( it is a 'back' key?) or call the
taxi(?! :) , just kidding.) If it isn't a 'back' button, do they have one?

* The button pictured as a rectangle comes with a smaller
dark recgangle sitting on the southeast corner. (P209iS,

* The button pictured as an open book. In P601 and Doccimo P811
My guess is: it is either for telephone directory(personalized)
or telephone bill(unlikely, I don't think they want to remind
people how much you have spent by putting a button here.)

Now the functionalities:

* Screen memos: it is for how many 'wall paper' you can have?

* hyper talk: what is this? walkie-talie?

* manner mode: hunh?

* short mail IS SMS? right?

Thank you.


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