(keitai-l) Re: My favorite I-mode site...silent it passed away...

From: Marc Printz <MPrintz_at_724.com>
Date: 03/21/01
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
I recently caught myself re-checking that site/link again, too. And to
my unhappy surprise it was gone. I had only one single encounter before
but as you say, it had a strange attraction associated with it that made
me come back with curiosity.

Are there any research papers analyzing the true reasons of what makes
mobile sites un/successful (ie deeper than just statistics which don't
explain _why_) ? Is there anything in the wired world?


Juergen Specht wrote:
> Hi Keitai-l,
> maybe it's a sign of the times, but my favorite official I-mode
> site passed away silently...no announcement, no explanation, not
> even a funeral.
> 'Natasha Nakamura's Diary' of a depressive girl is gone. As part
> of the official site TokyoQ (sponsored by Nokia, TokyoQ is still
> alive) it was my most hated site, but I could not stop reading it...
> It was hard enough to survive the week while I was waiting for
> the friday update to read what makes her this time depressive.
> Was it the crowded train? A dog with clothes? The year 2001? The
> weather? Or just her pure existence?
> I don't see often a site which has this sticky effect, read it,
> hate it and complain about it...and wait for the next dose.
> Only germans who were addicted to the television serial
> "Lindenstrasse" can feel the pain I feel now.
> I feel sad and hope this is not the beginning of the end.
> Juergen
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