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From: Chris Lowery <chris_at_onegoodwindow.com>
Date: 05/31/01
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By 'characteristics' I guess you mean 'quirks/features'. Agreed,
in a world of plenty, close replication of behaviour is a greater 
virtue than browser independence. And along that line,

I wasn't able to get Mimic to display emoji. A couple of weeks back
I took the DoCoMo emoji page and de-scaled the images back to
(nearly) pixel-perfect 1-bit-transparent 1:1. They were all scaled
at different *ratios* and it was no picnic, more of a banquet, the
'cleaning-up-after" part.

I was going to write a substitution script for PHP to view them properly
(enough), but Mimic is a much better vehicle. Or,
if someone can show me how to merge them into a Shift-JIS font,
the world would be a better place for allus gaijin developers.

Any interest?

Kyle Barrow wrote:
> Glad you find it useful.
> One of the trickier challenges of developing a wireless emulator is
> correctly emulating the actual phone font characteristics - something many
> emulators don't do.  I have thus far been unable to achieve this with
> Netscape CSS and until they extend CSS support, restrict i-MIMIC to IE
> rather than give users a far less-than-perfect emulation.
> The full system requirements for i-MIMIC are at
> http://www.X-9.com/mimic/beta.asp (Yes it is still officially in beta)
> Packet charges is just one feature added as a result of user feedback so
> feel free to send any suggestions to feedback@X-9.com
> Kyle
> http://www.X-9.com
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> <ouch> my bad. I tried it in Communicator 4.7 and it redirected me
> to http://www.X-9.com/default.asp . Explorer works great.
> -chris
> p.s. the session-based packet-o-meter is brilliant.
> Kyle Barrow wrote:
> >
> > i-MIMIC displays images (with or without links) as on the P209is and it
> > should still be there at http://www.X-9.com/mimic/
> >
> > It also ignores table tags (as does the P209is) although there are some
> > issues with this that will be addressed when I get some time to work on
> the
> > next release.
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