(keitai-l) Re: SVG == Scaleable Vector Graphics

From: Ben Hutchings <ben.hutchings_at_roundpoint.com>
Date: 06/12/01
Message-ID: <F65A2A377C3E4946A06EAA95F32CCA5801F17B@saturn.roundpoint.co.uk>
Jay wrote:
> I have heard that the new i-mode and J-Phones are
> going to support  SVG == Scaleable Vector Graphics
> for 2D and 3D graphic engines for games and content.

Maybe an ultra-light Compact SVG would be possible.  I do not believe
that we're about to see mobile browsers that do clipping and masking
to arbitrary shapes, partial transparency, casacading styles, nested
affine transformations, procedural animation, and scalable WebFonts;
but all of these are important parts of SVG.

> Will SVG beat out other formats  for graphics on the
> cellphone?


> I have played around with SVG using Adobe's SVG plugin
> and it is slow because it has to parse XML.

No, it is slow because the SVG rendering model is complex.

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