(keitai-l) How to get a great I-appli to some official provider?

From: Paul Lester <paul_lester_at_lincmedia.co.jp>
Date: 07/05/01
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
   Here we (NOT ME, WE) just finished a mighty cool I-appli that
has been tested on all the I-appli phones and works dandy.
Its a real chakumelo composer that really lets you compose and does it well...
(techno babble omitted)

    But we can't get it on the official menu and thus turn it into
not only profit but have people enjoy it.  It may get there yet....

    Well what I am asking (and this is just asking) is if any keitai-L ers
who happen to already be official providers could maybe have our app
on their site, have it go through whatever needs to be done.  Profit sharing
sorted out.  And we could actually have it there.

I mean that would be cool.

    If anyone happens to be an official provider and can help us out it would
be great.

    Anyone else having the same problems.  Have a killer I-appli and can't get
it approved?  Its probably a common problem.

Paul Bryan Lester
Layer-8 Technologies Inc
QA ENGINEER/Programmer etc etc
EMAIL: paul_lester@lincmedia.co.jp

personal homepage: http://pbl1.tripod.com/
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