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From: Juergen Specht <js_at_nooper.com>
Date: 07/19/01
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> Do you ever get any real work done?
> Carlos is one of my techs. We leave our stations open. who cares?
Oh my...yes, I get work done. We earn even enough money
to have individual email addresses in our company and
there is no need to share it with somebody :)

> ///: hmmm... good observation. 1,700 people watch your
> clip on a FOMA? What else is there? Where is all that
> content coming from, to keep 1,700 glued to their Boutique
> Bricks of a phone?
Here is where your misunderstanding (and Carlos in private
mail) starts. You should read this list more carefully.

Since last december (!) the service M-Stage Visual is
available (announced in every detail in this list):

Here is an english annoucement:

They build a special device called "Eggy" which is basically
a 64kbit (PHS) connected mobile streaming MPEG4 player.
You can choose content from 130 programs on 47 different channels.

This device is available in every DoCoMo shop and works
pretty much fine with a very good coverage even in trains
(PHS) and a very good frame rate on a TFT display.

> - We all know, that you have the nicest toys and go to all
> the hip and killer shows, Juergen... But I'm just talking
> about the reasonable use for the rest of us; the boring
> public that wants something that really works without
> having a phone melting on our ears.

See above. The Eggy is not a phone. So there is no need to
put it on your ear. You don't need to go to fancy shows to
see them, just buy it a any shop (they are all 500 meters),

> MPEG4 is just not there. It's too bulky for wireless and
> burns too many resources, the current phones can't support
> for a while.
Don't mix your theoretical understanding of the situation
and the reality. The Eggy device is there, this is not a
prototype and it works *everytime* (everybody
can test this for free in the DoCoMo shops).

And now look at this picture of the official i-mode
menu of the new Panasonic:

On top you see an additional link to M-Stage Visual, which
is not there on other phones (yet).

Here is the M-Stage Visual Top Menu:

In case you missed this, Renfield described pretty much
how the M-Stage Visual service works *also* on the FOMA


> When we all move around in a solid 500k> Network, and we
> have phones with 300Mhz processors, that last (power) for
> more than a day; then we can enjoy MPEG4 information clips
> all day.

...Japanese users enjoy this already on a 64kBit network

Yesterday I saw a Japanese guy in the train and he had
a T-Shirt with the printed statement: "We are 5 years ahead
of our time". If I read your entertaining posts, I know he
is right.

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