(keitai-l) Re: old keitai

From: Harry Behrens <Harry_at_Behrens.com>
Date: 07/31/01
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
even though I'm not a Brit I'll support this.
there's been too much smart-ass, self-satisfied "we know all about japan and
it sucks" b.s.
on this mailing list lately!

:> keitai-l@appelsiini.net writes:
:> >It's the same old pre-Meiji story again ... "We are Japanese - world
:> >standards don't apply to us - what's going on outside of Japan doesn't
:> >concern us ..."
:> I have forborne from commenting on your numerous posts to date as they
:> seem in the main to be trolls better suited to a junior Slashdot forum
:> than Keitai-l, but as a Mac-using pro-whaling vegetarian
:> Englishman living
:> down here in Sunny Fukkers, I feel I really must disabuse you of the
:> notion that what's going on outside Japan "doesn't concern us".

[ excessive quoting removed ]

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