(keitai-l) Re: Siemens to market VoIP via WLAN for use with PDAs

From: Benedict Evans <inherent_at_hotmail.com>
Date: 08/14/01
Message-ID: <LAW2-F97iz2Mb1s7nlT000002fa@hotmail.com>
Symbol make voice over 802.11b handsets with the same purpose (no idea if 
they're voip).

Not actualy that interesting, really - they're just making the desk on your 
phone cordless. What's more interesting is using WLAN (actually, Bluetooth 
is better 'cause it'll be built into mobile handsets) to tie corporate 
mobiles into the PBX when they're in the building - with the co-operation of 
the mobile operator. Also, there're a number of startups looking at using 
Bluetooth to offer in-building coverage for 3G.

The issue is, you have to play nice with the mobile operator(s) if you want 
calls to the mobile number to get routed over your alternative airlink. 
Otherwise people need to have two numbers, and to heck with that. After all, 
you're effectively doing (very) localised roaming: why should operators let 
you plug into their networks if there's no benefit for them?

-Benedict Evans
-WestLB Panmure

>NetLink WTS operates over WLANs using the
>802.11b standard to deliver voice calls and
>voice-enabled applications to mobile users.
>It allows users to send and receive voice and
>data calls from IP handsets and mobile clients,
>such as PDAs or notebooks, as long as they
>remain in range of other WLAN users or WLAN
>access points. Unlike mobile phones, VoIP calls
>over corporate LANs attract no airtime charges.

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