(keitai-l) Re: Siemens to market VoIP via WLAN for use with PDAs

From: Benjamin <akabeni_at_yahoo.com>
Date: 08/14/01
Message-Id: <p04330103b79f27a844c9@[]>
>"...*corporate* LANs..." [emph. added]
>Now this one makes sense to me: a private
>domain (the corporation) providing roaming
>(both inter- and intra-campus, though not
>much further afield) leveraging technology
>they will likely to install anyway, carrying
>(mostly) intracorporate voice traffic, but
>possibly including vendors and customers,
>depending on the nature of the business.
>I can think, off the bat, of half a dozen
>different ways that this approach improves
>on the approach of starting with *public*
>access VoIP as the early-adopter frontier.

As I had outlined in an earlier post, a public VOIP service via 
public access WLAN is likely to happen by accident as a result of 
other developments happening first, i.e.

1) corporate WLANs rolled out virtually everywhere
2) VoIP over corporate WLANs with PDA like devices widely adopted
3) Home WLANs and public WLANs toy with lighter and cheaper versions 
of corporate VOIP/WLAN/PABX gateways.
4) Someone starting to offer VoIP gateway services to public WLAN 
users from "outside"

and eventually

5) integrated PDA/Phone able to switch between cellular and WLAN transparently


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