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From: Michael Turner <leap_at_gol.com>
Date: 08/28/01
Message-ID: <002501c12f6e$846e1740$844fd8cb@leap>
The first example of a call-return sequence at


is about 900 bytes, meaning that, on i-mode,
it would chew up almost 1 second.  That
seems like a lot, for something that just
gets a stock quote.

Admittedly, a lot of the bytes are for namespace
declarations that seem to be optional according
to the spec; e.g.


Deleting these, making the identifiers less verbose and
crunching out some whitespace, I got a 50% reduction.

Is there some way to cut this down further?

-michael turner

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Subject: (keitai-l) lil SOAP lib

> Hi bleeding edge j2me developers,
> I've created a small java SOAP library which will allow your i-appli's (or
> midlets or whatever) to make SOAP calls and process the results.  It's
> extremely crude at this point (pre-Alpha 0.02)(where .02=2nights), but
> small at 8.3K uncompressed, and, most importantly, it seems to work.
> anybody be interested?
> --Jason
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