(keitai-l) Re: The Sanyo scp5000, and the eclipse of the palmtop?

From: Benjamin Kowarsch <benjk_at_mac.com>
Date: 08/28/01
Message-Id: <p0433010eb7b19bba010d@[]>
>Actually, for many of those cases, the transmitter is not the only source of
>concern. The radiated signal from the internal clock DRAM refresh and the
>like are potential sources of interference, especially if the device has
>been physically opened after manufacture for service or upgrade (typically,
>the RF shielding is misaligned or damaged enough during service to render it
>That is the reason you are asked to turn off even devices that do not
>intentionally radiate - like walkmans, computers, PDAs, etc.

What about devices that are put to sleep, i.e. PDA or notebook computer ?

And in case the DRAM refresh is so much of a culprit that sleep mode 
doesn't suffice, what about devices that use static RAM, i.e. Newton ?

I guess, enforcement will really get interesting with Bluetooth. Say, 
you are on a plane, shortly after the take off period is completed 
and you are allowed to use your notebook, which talks to your mobile 
phone in a bag or in your pocket to connect to whatever data service. 
Nobody sees your mobile phone is on and in use.

Perhaps, airlines will feel themselves under pressure to offer on 
board Internet simply to provide an alternative to using one's phone 


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