(keitai-l) Ericsson T68 and Trium Eclipse

From: Arjen van Blokland <ab_at_tkk.att.ne.jp>
Date: 10/27/01
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Indeed both the Eclipse and T68 devices are quite impressive for the GSM 
audience, but do not give the i-mode like experience, yet.

Eclipse has reasonable sound properties (3 tones, very loud) and its 
processor speed is faster than the T68.
The T68 has a smaller design.

Fact that the browser crashes sometimes for larger file downloads is NOT 
acceptable. In Japan this would result in a recall of the phones if the 
problem is in the browser. If the problem is in the quasimode convertor, 
the product must be renamed to Quasimodo ;-)
The application server side should check for the device type and 
accordingly for the maximum allowable size of the file.

Any news about the Nokia GPRS phone?
The latest Nokia phone in Japan is an OEM by Sanyo. It is a clam shell type 
with camera.
Look at homepage of Nokia Japan for some pictures:


Arjen van Blokland

At 12:18 01/10/26 +0100, you wrote:
>Both these devices look very interesting. The TRIUM has a larger screen at
>120x 143 however both only have 256 colours.
>It would be nice to hear from anybody that has seen both devices side by
>side for comparison of colour rendition etc. Also does anyone know the
>actual resolution values in dpi for either of these devices? Does the
>eclipse come with the Xpedio software installed?
>The T68 is available in the UK from today but I contacted Mitsubishi Trium
>and they have no definite launch date in Europe as yet.
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>While waiting for the real i-mode and/or WAP 2.0 in Europe, you can almost
>use the Ericsson T68 or the Mitsubishi Trium Eclipse.
>They are WAP 1.2.1 phones but supporting GIF images.
>And we [sorry for the self-promotion] made a little module to make the
>necessary conversion for CHTML/XHTML Basic -> quasimode.
>It works OK, but the browser crashes sometimes with larger images, but on
>the other hand, you only have 101x58 pixels effectively on the Ericsson.
>Since the Ericsson has an semi-OK email client, you could feel almost at
>home (or away) while outside of Japan.
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