(keitai-l) Re: Multimodal technology

From: Eric Hildum <Eric_Hildum_at_itochu.net>
Date: 11/06/01
Message-ID: <B80D5DCA.5A35%Eric_Hildum@itochu.net>
Perhaps he is thinking of something like T-120 conferencing, where you can
push documents back and forth and collaboratively mark them up? It would be
an interesting capability to include...

on 01.11.6 6:16 AM, Paul Bryan Lester at pbl1@livedoor.com wrote:

>   I am curious what you mean by "synchronization" of "voice" and "data."
> Could you be a little more specific.  If I were to try to answer it
> I would have to say both its been done years ago AND that it
> hasn't been done yet AND it is being done right now in various places.
> brice franc wrote:
>> Does anybody have any insights on the development of multimodal technology,
>> ie
>> synchronization of voice and data on mobiles ?

Eric Hildum

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