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From: Jotham Greg-WCGJ01 <wcgj01_at_motorola.com>
Date: 11/16/01
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Hi Josh,

I've done a WAP developers' Style Guide and a series of technical Supplements for a lot of the European Motorola handsets, which contain a lot of the detail you're after.  They're available on the web at http://developers.motorola.com/developers/wireless/documentation/ : you'll have to register (free) to get to the link, then just click the "WAP" button or scroll down to the WAP section.

There's a delay in getting new documents on line at the moment, so I'll email you the supplement for the Accompli A008 which I've just completed, and likewise the T191 which I should get completed next week: these documents have got quite lot more detail than the earlier ones.

If there's any problem with getting registered, let me know off-list and I'll email the documents.


Greg Jotham

Application Specialist
Motorola MAGNET Centre UK

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Subject: (keitai-l) Screen size comparison chart?

Does anyone know where I can find a list of handset screen sizes?  Perhaps
it's obvious why I want this info: phone app designers should know what size
screen to target.

To decide what screen size to target, it helps to know what's planned to be
out there. My dream list would include the top 10 new handsets in Europe and
USA and Japan. My definition of "top 10" means hottest-selling, not biggest
installed base. Each handset entry would include:
	make & model;
	width x height (pixels)  x color depth (bits);
	screen type (if not LCD - e.g. TFT);
 (and while I"m dreaming, I'd also like to know:)
	sales volume (units / month);
	Installed base (units)
	approx. data ability (SMS, WAP, J2ME, DoJa, BREW, PalmOS)
	RAM size
	Performance ability (CPU & speed? benchmark? whatever...)

Ha! Like anyone's going to give me all that data!... Anyway, back here on
earth, I found some unconfirmed data (from a hasty glance through Keitai-l
archives, and some quick web searches).

Make Model #; 	width x height x color depth (in bits, not # colors)
Nokia 7110 series;	48 x 48 x 1
Samsung SCH-N101;	128 x 64 x 1
Samsung SCH-A301;	128 x 112 x 2
Samsung SCH-A360;	128 x 96 x 2
Motorola T2288;	96 x 64 x __
Docomo P2101v;	176 x 182 x 16?
Docomo P209is;	98 x 97 x __
Docomo NM502i;	111 x 106 x __
Docomo N2001;	120 x 130 x __
Docomo N503i;	120 x 130 x __
Docomo N502i;	118 x 128 x 8?
Docomo So503i;	120 x 120 x __

Additions & corrections (or better yet, sources for my dream study) are most

Josh White
Blue Mug Inc. - Berkeley CA -   www.bluemug.com

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