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From: Nik Frengle <eseller_at_eimode.com>
Date: 11/17/01
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This capability has been around since the beginning of i-mode, in a service
called remote mail. It works well, but it does NOT use the mail client, it
uses the browser. I actually built the same thing at one point, and it
really was not that difficult. I can't imagine paying too much for it.
The question, I think, is not can you access POP mail from i-mode, which is
obviously possible, and has been since the system was introduced. The
question as I understood it was can you access mail through the mail client.
Here is my take:
On i-mode, you don't actually 'access' mail, in the sense that when you want
to check it, you log on. It is pushed, the entire message, to the handset.
When sending mail, the story is of course different, the mail going through
an e-mail server within the i-mode center. I don't have the answer to
whether or how you can re-set the handset to connect to a corporate i-mode
environment rather than NTT DoCoMo's.
I do know that on my (P209is) handset, there is an option to enter an i-mode
center name, number, and host name. You can select this center to connect
to, or DoCoMo's. When I attempted to connect using a center I input, I
received a message saying "Incorrect Center". Since DoPa uses the same
network, and the 209 series are compatible with DoPa, and because the way
that DoPa connects to networks or the internet is through third-party ISPs,
I am guessing that is where this setting came from. It should make, if you
could get NTT DoCoMo to tell you how, connecting to a server other than
DoCoMo's i-mode gateway server, possible. Then there would be the matter of
reverse engineering the mail protocol used by the browser and building a
mail server to do that. Of course, for all I know some NTT affiliate is
hawking such a server already.
This is a good thread, and I wish that everyone on the list who knew the
answer weren't prevented from sharing it by an NDA.

Nik Frengle
IntaDev, Inc.

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I am currently testing the english implementation of this from NTT
Comm.  They have developed a gateway through which you can log into and get
mail from your pop boxes which can be on any mail server. Works kind of
like web mail in that you can see the headers of what is there and whether
there is an attachment. You can't actually get the attachments but you can
get the mail. At this point they are marketing it to ISP's and other large
entities and it is pretty pricey.  But it works pretty slick.


At 10:56 AM 11/15/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>I heard a suggestion from a rep at an investment company that they get
>corporate email out to the imode devices. I know about "remote mail" and
>the thread on this list about "how email should work". But, the rep implied
>that they were actually getting data out to the *mail client* on the imode
>phone. Does anyone know if the mail clients can be pointed to a different
>server? It is my understanding the mail is delivered over http normally
>as a page, but still over http) is this true?
>Any thoughts on this?
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