(keitai-l) Re: foma gate showrooms

From: Nick May <nick_at_kyushu.com>
Date: 11/22/01
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keitai-l@appelsiini.net writes:
>  A FOMA phone isn't just a computer, though.  Not hardly. FOMA is a
>service. And DoCoMo isn't making handsets anyway.

Now I think of it, "Date Meet Spot" is really what FOMA GATE reminded me
off - the kind of place the young and trendy would go to meet before
playing in the city sin-pits. You are definitely supposed to hang around -
there are video games to play, electronic maps (all backprojected onto the
touchscreen tables) and a drinks machine. It has a "semi public space"
feel to it and the hi-tech is not just to show off, it is STATEMENT
hi-tech.... They even have some flashy system for the windows that renders
them first opaque, then transparent. Very much "look at me"...

I think they are establishing brand. FOMA as "trendy". And perhaps an
acknowledgement that handset prices are a little out of casual-spending
range even for the city's naughtier girls, and people might have to save.
It also gives the impression of activity, and is a sop for those who
wonder when the service is going to get out of the late beta test phase
that constitutes Tokyo and Osaka releases, and actually gets to version

(Of course a "FOMA GATEWAY" in hardware is precisely what I wish the
buggers WOULD make, complete with a firewire port and some storage (a
cross between an ipod and a fomaphone.) )

I wonder if they are going to try and give FOMA the cachet of the SONY  or
APPLE brands....

keitai-l@appelsiini.net writes:
> you at all with that bit about Toto.  Only to Nick May ;-]

mmm - we little Icarus, beware of flying TOO close to the sun...  

Who is Kansas?


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