(keitai-l) iAPPli and cHTML

From: Dibyendu <dibyendu.bhattacharya_at_eximsoft.com>
Date: 11/23/01
Message-ID: <007c01c173df$03173b80$800a0a0a@exim.com>
Dear sir ,
Is there any way to call iAppli from cHTML pages ?
If I want to send some data from cHTML page to iAPPLI residing in the mobile
, how should I do this  ?
Say I am browsing through my mobile (Say shopping Cart) and after selecting
my items I want to sign some information with the keys present in my iAppi
.How could I do this ?

Please give me some idea or some link where I can find some info .

dibyendu .

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Received on Fri Nov 23 14:13:26 2001