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From: Nik Frengle <eseller_at_eimode.com>
Date: 11/27/01
The HttpConnection will only work if the address is exactly the same as that
from which the jam file was downloaded.  Even if you can get the jam file in
a number of ways (ie, through an ip number, a domain, a localhost, etc) you
better be very sure that you use exactly the same way as you use in your
code. There is an easy way to fix that:

Change this:  HttpConnection hc =

to this: HttpConnection hc =

Then you just have to make sure that anything you are using HttpConnection
to get is on the same server as the jam and jar files are.

I have never seen the package URL mismatch error, so I can't say with any
authority, but it could also come from not having a proper pointer to the
jar file. The DoJa KToolbar does this automatically, adding to the jam file
something like this:

PackageURL = network.jar

Also, though that error message doesn't seem to indicate it, make sure you
have this line in your jam file:

UseNetwork = http

Finally, if you are using KToolbar, be sure to add a value for AppClass:

AppClass = network.Network

Sorry if I missed something, and hope this helped.

Nik Frengle
IntaDev, Inc.

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dear sir , I wrote a simple iApplication to read a text file from apache web
server runing in local machine .

But it is giving the exception ....
java.lang.SecurityException: package URL mismatch

the code is like this ...

Any one please tell me what is going wrong here . Do i need to configure
anything for that ?

 import com.nttdocomo.ui.*;
 import com.nttdocomo.io.*;
 import javax.microedition.io.*;
 import java.io.*;
 import com.nttdocomo.net.*;
 public class Network extends IApplication
   String extractedText;
   public Network () {
  public void start() {

       HttpConnection hc =

       InputStream is = hc.openInputStream();

       byte[] text=new byte[(int)hc.getLength()];
       String s = new String(text);
       extractedText = "hello";
         catch(Exception e){
          extractedText = e.toString();

           Panel p = new Panel();
           TextBox tb = new TextBox(extractedText, 18,

regards ,
Dibyendu .

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