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Date: 12/06/01
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on 01.12.6 1:22 PM, Michael Turner at leap@gol.com wrote:
> Interesting article in The Economist.
> www.economist.com/business/displayStory.cfm?Story_ID=886260

> "Another winner?and a glaring exception to the dismal record
> of telecoms firms?is NTT DoCoMo, Japan's only entry in the
> top ten. Its high placing is largely thanks to the Japanese
> government, which gave the firm its 3G licences free. "
Well, I am not sure how many auction winners have fully paid for the
licenses (ie. French,Spanish telcos) so this is an ongoing evaluation...

DoCoMo, J-Phone and KDDI saved resources by not having to pay for 3G
licenses. The stupid move was done on those countries that had an overhyped
One can argue about how the licenses were allocated in Japan (ie. only 3
licenses, no new players) but that there was no crazy bidding has been
positive for the industry here.

Corporations should be held responsible for their actions, and gambling on
3G with totally unrealistic spreadsheets has naturally added to some
overexposed positions.

To reason that the Japanese govt. is largely responsible for DoCoMo's
profitability brings the point that some European govts. would be
"responsible" for their telco's "wealth destruction"....

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