(keitai-l) Re: mInt (Mobile Internet) Product Release

From: Jamie Hughes <jamie_at_intadev.com>
Date: 01/24/02
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Hi Juergen,
Long time no see!
Thanks for the feedback.
Just to clarify the point regarding a license for mInt, we didn't want
to hold the product back whilst documenting the details of a licence.
But, simple copyright law still applies.
By having made the product downloadable you may use this version as you
wish. I hope you find some good and interesting uses.
Jamie Hughes
IntaDev Inc.
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Check it out!
Hi Jamie,
Tuesday, January 22, 2002, you wrote:
> We have just released mInt, our new mobile browser contents management
> tool. It's available free of charge via download: http://m.intadev.com
> <http://m.intadev.com/> 
how free is "free"? I can not find any licensing information
on your site...and the FAQ actually answers questions about
Japan's wireless systems, not about mInt.
Confused: Juergen
Juergen Specht CTO, Nooper.com - Mobile Services Inc. Tokyo, Japan
i-mode/FOMA consulting, development, testing: http://nooper.co.jp/
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