(keitai-l) Re: Is the i-mode content biz hit based?

From: Jeff Russell <jeff3724_at_attbi.com>
Date: 05/08/02
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    I don't think many of the non-official 50,000 make money. They are stuck
with the same billing, collection, subscription, etc.. issues that plague
the content providers in the US and elsewhere. I think there are some
official sites that make money, through the subscription service. The
English sites seem to be there only for presence(i.e.Disney, CNN). It's hard
for them to play "can you top this" with such limited band width.

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> Hello,
> As I understand it there are roughly 50,000 i-mode content services out
> there. I find it extremely hard to believe that more then a handful of
> these services even breakeven. My question is this business hit based or
> not? Do certain services become hot, and then spread like wild fire for a
> while? Is it a never ending "can you top this" game where content house
> womp eachother over the head trying to outdo eachother?
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