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From: Paul Lester <paul_lester_at_lincmedia.co.jp>
Date: 05/13/02
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    What about the J-N04, isn't that new NEC JPhone?
I just used it for testing a SMAF file. Another N-phone for the
J-Phone "may" be in the works, and maybe it will have a camera
and maybe not.

    The one thing I don't like about the SH51 and some of
the other new ones is the handling of older chakumelo files.
Sometimes it thinks they are corrupt when they have strange
titles and sometimes it won't load them if they have a smd extension
and besides that the new phones have some major
incompatibility issues with older songs.....  at least with the
ones I make, but I'll fix that in the future... (the next few days).

    I also do not like some of the things about the SH51 like so so so
many volume settings and you never know which one does what...its

    I've used a few others but I'm exhausted now and need sleep.

    But all the new JPhones have some really cool built in Chakumelo,
and from my office the 51 series are much much faster than the older models.

    As for me I just moved up from my old TP01 to my TT21 and
I lost some cool features.... but the camera on the TT21 is superb...
it rocks over the SH51.... if you want to come to TuKa.... TT21 is
cool.  Its so fast and clear.... but still not perfect but much better than
anything else I've seen... (and it has 40 voice chakumelo as well).

    Wow a N502it.... I like those older ones too (I loved my TP01 also).

    But the 504s should be coming out soon.  I really don't know anything
about them, but hopefully they will have cameras... like some of the FOMAs.
So you might be able to stick with DoCoMo is you want to.

Kevin Martin wrote:

> I'm looking to get rid of my N502it DoCoMo and
> get a J-Phone...I was going to get a new N-series
> Docomo phone, but I want to get something with
> a camera to show off to my friends coming over in
> July. :)  Yes, I know about the 251-series, but
> they don't even have Java, so what's the point? :)
> Anyway, I love my N502it to death...it just feels
> "right" to me.  I'm sad to see that NEC doesn't
> really have any new J-Phone models, so that
> leaves me looking at either the SH51 or the T51.
> The SH51 looks cool, even if it feels a bit
> bulky, and it has that SD memory slot, which
> could be useful (though I'm not sure about the
> mp3 capability of it...how long would the battery
> last on that thing if you listen to an entire album's
> worth of mp3s on a 64-meg card?).  The T51 didn't
> feel quite as good to me for some reason, but
> it has the giant bonus of having an English mode
> (even if it does change the menu screens to some
> generic ukiyoe pictures :).  My N502it doesn't have
> English, and I've survived this long, but it would be
> a nice feature to have.
> Anyway, if anyone's used either of these phones, or
> knows of any other models on the near-horizon, please
> let me know your opinions.  I don't want to buy a phone
> for a year and then find out that the interface is so clunky
> that I'll end up hating it after a day or two. :)  I have
> used both phones at a J-Phone store up in Sendai, but
> wasn't really able to decide there which one I preferred.
> Thanks for any opinions!
> Kevin
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