(keitai-l) What Bluetooth phone ?

From: Benjamin Kowarsch <benjk_at_mac.com>
Date: 05/14/02
Message-Id: <[email protected]>

I want to play a bit with Bluetooth, mainly some tricks between desktop 
and mobile, ie. checking if the mobile is in reach of the desktop, 
inquire some settings, perhaps fetch some data ... that sort of thing.

I am going to use those Bluetooth USB sticks from D-Link for the desktop 
side, but I haven't got a Bluetooth phone as yet.

At present I use KDDI au Sanyo C405 and I quite like it. I don't like 
fashionable phones that look like toys - I usually pick the most 
conservative model there is, especially in Japan. I also have a Nokia 
8110 GSM phone for traveling.

Any recommendations for Bluetooth phones either for Japan (preferably on 
KKDI au) or for GSM ? What should I look out for ? Or are there any 
clip-on Bluetooth adapters for non-Bluetooth phones available perhaps ?

Received on Tue May 14 08:21:40 2002