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Date: 06/28/02
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Hi James,
3GPP is considered a "Meta-Standard". It focuses on wireless and defines the
codecs and the protocols so that complete interoperability is possible.
MPEG4 Simple Profile and H.263 Baseline are defined as the video codecs to
be used in the 3GPP spec. (Note that MPEG4 visual has H.263 Baseline as a
subset, so if a decoder is MPEG4 compliant, it will also decode H.263.) The
Packet-Switched Streaming protocol (PSS) specified by 3GPP was influenced by
an earlier specification from the Wireless Multimedia Forum, WMF, which was
started by PacketVideo in April 2000. With the codecs and protocols defined,
complete interoperability is possible. To insure this, interoperability
testing is very important. That's why PacketVideo has been heavily involved
in interoperability groups within IMTC, M4IF, and WMF. We are especially
active in the IMTC PSS-AG, which is testing the 3GPP standard. 

ISMA is the standard focusing on wireline streaming. PacketVideo has been
working with this standard organization to improve interworking between ISMA
and the wireless multimedia standards like 3GPP and 3GPP2. There is a lot of
overlap between them, for example ISMA and 3GPP both use RTSP and RTP, and
both call out MPEG-4 Visual and AAC audio codecs.

For more information, check out this White Paper on Standards. 

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According to this article
PacketVideo states that their system is "3GPP and
3GPP2 compliant".

How does 3GPP/3GPP2 compliance relate to
the MPEG-4 spec, especially in terms of

Since the MPEG-4 spec is so broad is PacketVideo
implementing just the ISMA spec with ISMA defined
levels@profiles? Or???



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