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From: Gerhard Fasol <fasol_at_eurotechnology.com>
Date: 07/04/02
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DDB Lists wrote:
> Actually in Europa several operators are launching i-mode services, in
> Belgium we will mostly be using NEC n21i handsets. How does that compare to
> the Japanese - Eastern region?

In Japan there are around 15 handset makers depending on how
you count them and mergers etc. NEC is often leading, but there
are many more. Nokia and Ericsson and Motorola and Siemens
have more or less zero market share in Japan, except for
Ericsson, which is now pooled with SONY, and for Nokia which
sells OEM-handsets produces by Sanyo under the Nokia label
in Japan for J-Phone only. Nokia and Ericsson both had a single
own imode-phone some years ago, but stopped after that single
attempt. There are still a few of these around - today I saw
a lady on the train using her Ericsson imode phone, but you can't 
buy them any more.
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Gerhard Fasol
Received on Thu Jul 4 18:26:57 2002