(keitai-l) Re: DoCoMo caught again by its own success

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Date: 07/18/02
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are the sh251i, f251i, and d251i handsets java-capable?


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>nearly 1.3 mln SH251i handsets were sold in June, about the same
>as the best selling N504i.  now that F251i and D251i already hit
>the streets and SH251i has become more available in more shops,
>I expect upto 2 mln 251s will be sold in July, which will make
>the low-end series the best seller replacing flagship 504 phones.
>if DoCoMo don't restraint its handset sales, and the regulators
>won't get involved to stop DoCoMo, maybe as soon as Christmas
>we'll see the "pirate" Sha-Mail surpass J-Phone as #1 picture
>mail service in the world ... in Japan I mean.
>think DoCoMo is mad now rushing out to build their network to
>accommodate the large capacity for the picture mail users.
>Vodafone guys are busy now with cost cutting and restructuring,
>and purging old Japanese guys?  that totally missed the point -
>the cost #1 is not providing new innovative features to attract
>customers ... at whatever cost.
>stupid English.
>btw, after tried the new 251i, I believe the old J-SH08 model
>is still the best buy on the market - similar features at less
>than half price, and a better network.
>i-shot isn't as good as Sha-Mail yet, and DoCoMo has significant
>problems.  but still they should be able to beat J-Phone because
>the users, like many here, still have faith in the brand.
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