(keitai-l) Re: Java running into trouble on cell phones?

From: Paul Lester <paul_lester_at_lincmedia.co.jp>
Date: 09/05/02
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    I've used quite a few programming languages, and Java is better than
all of them as far as I can tell.  Most of the others had quite a few serious
problems where it wouldn't do what it was supposed to do.  But with Java
which I have used much more, I have only found like 1 bug like that, and
these things actually get fixed in the case of Java!

    The problems I've had with Oracle's SQL very early on was the need to use
"" """ """" and so on for no apparent reason, as well as Oracle crashing
mysteriously periodically.

    Lets not even get into MySQL SQL.... eekk.

    C drives me nuts when floats and doubles don't act like floats and doubles and
bugs get fixed by switching the order of the import statements!!! Golly, C and
C++ drove me insane.  C and C++ work different not only across platforms,
but I would find problems across computers with the same hardware
and software!!! And that's BAD BAD BAD!!!  My students would ask me about it
and I would just say, move over and run the program on the other computer and
it will work.... I don't know why.  The magic good computers would not always
be the same.

    On the other hand, I found Pascal just as stable as Java.

    LabVIEW has so many unwritten memory constraints  . AUGH.  Crashed the
whole OS quite often because it never said there was a limit to the number
of VI's you could have in a project.

    Only major problem I've seen with Java is when you capitalize classes
or uncapitalize them and recompile and things go haywire until you delete
all the old classes and start from scratch.  Pretty minor but annoying problem.

    I can go on about others but they're all worse than Java.

    I would hate to have to do mobile stuff in any language except for Java.

Timothy J Mckinnon wrote:

> It would also be nice to wake me up every morning beside a tropical
> paradise, with three beautiful women attending to my needs, but son, it AINT

    You can adjust your IDE to do it for you.  All the IDEs have this feature,
you just need to make use of it.  Sun needn't do anything, especially when sun
hasn't made all the extensions and emulators for all the phones.  If your
going to program an app you may as well also program your IDE.

> it would be nice to have an ide (or ide plugin) that allows us developers
> to develop to a generic device, click which devices we want to create an
> app for, generate the apps, and run each app in its device-specific
> emulator for testing.  the j2me toolkit (forte integration) that sun offers
> is a nice first attempt, but it doesn't support doja.  each carrier/phone
> should release its emulator as a plugin also, so that the plugin can be
> dropped into the ide (forte+j2me toolkit) of our choice for testing.
> hopefully someone at sun is listening...
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