(keitai-l) Re: Java running into trouble on cell phones?

From: Alistair Jeffs <alistair_at_jetpack.com>
Date: 09/05/02
Message-Id: <[email protected]>
At 15:08 05/09/2002 +0900, you wrote:

>     I've used quite a few programming languages, and Java is better than
>all of them as far as I can tell.  Most of the others had quite a few=
>problems where it wouldn't do what it was supposed to do.  But with Java
>which I have used much more, I have only found like 1 bug like that, and
>these things actually get fixed in the case of Java!


on this note, here's something to think about...

=A360,000 to put your Java ideas on the UK=92s first 3G handsets

What you do =85
- Conceive a great business or consumer product that leverages the twin=20
benefits of a 3G network and the MIDP Java supported by one of H3G=92s=
handsets, the Motorola Talon\A830

- Build a functional prototype that proves its viability on a 3G handset=20
and showcases its creativity and uniqueness

What Hutchison 3G is offering =85
- A total of =A360,000 worth of development work to successful entrants, to=
develop your concept through to a complete H3G product, with H3G expecting=
to offer =A330,000, =A320,000 and =A310,000 worth of work to first, second=
third place entrants respectively.
- An opportunity to work with the first 3G provider in the UK and get your=
applications on the UK=92s first 3G network

What we are looking for =85
- Consumer or business applications, fun, games or just about anything that=
you think will enthuse our 3G customers
- Creativity, distinctiveness, ingenuity, originality=85 something unique
- Leveraging the power of 3G and utilising H3G-specific extensions to MIDP=
that will distinguish the product from other Java implementations.
- Technical innovation and competence

How it will work =85
- Entry is by invitation only and all entries must be received 13:00, 11th=
October 2002
- All entrants will receive a Java emulator for the Motorola Talon\A830=20
based on Sun Microsystems Wireless toolkit (WTK), which includes=20
H3G-specific extensions
- Entries will primarily comprise a functional prototype Java application=20
utilising extensions and APIs provided by the emulator
- Entries will be judged by a Hutchison panel and announced on 31st October=

Who to contact =85
Oisin O=92 Connor (Oisin.oconnor@hutchison3g.com)
Edward McNeil, (Edward.mcneil@hutchison3g.com)
Product Centre
Products & Marketing
Hutchison 3G
Star House
20 Grenfell Road

The small print =85
1. Entry by invitation only.
2. Winning entrants will receive a minimum =A310,000 payment towards=20
developing their concepts into complete products.  Should the concepts=20
require less than the awarded prize to develop into complete products the=20
prize balance will be used to develop other concepts with the prize=20
winner.  Payment is subject to entering into a commercial agreement with=20
Hutchison 3G covering development and distribution.
3. Hutchison reserve the right to decide when and if the winning concepts=20
are launched commercially on its 3G service.
4. All entrants, whether winning or not, are solely responsible for all=20
costs incurred in entering the competition.
5. Decisions by the judging panel are final and Hutchison 3G will not enter=
into any discussion on results.
6. Only entries comprising functional JAVA applications operating on the=20
provided Java emulator will be considered. While these applications need=20
not be complete, non-functional slide-shows or demonstrations are unlikely=
to be considered.
7. All entries will remain the property of entrants during the competition.
8. Existing Staff (including contractors) from H3G are not eligible to=20
enter this competition.
9. Existing H3G development partners (with contracts in place to develop=20
code) are not are not eligible to enter this competition.
10. All entries must comply with the attached technical guidelines.
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